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May 20, 2024

No matter how old our children get, September will always be the start of a new year. For as long as I can remember, summer has been a time to rest and rejuvenate — storing up strength for the coming year and myriad of challenges, both expected and unexpected, that lay ahead. I love Fall for the chance to research and prepare — for everything from travel and holiday plans, new business opportunities, even improved eating and exercise routines. My new year’s resolution is to supplement these preparations with continued R&R, no matter how busy life gets. To focus on me while I also focus on weResearch shows this matters, so I hope you can do the same.

Another Normal resumes this week to offer news, perspective and resources to help individuals with disabilities develop happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Living  now and planning for later is no easy task, made even more difficult when disabilities enter the picture.

As the mother of three wonderful 20-somethings, including a son with severe cerebral palsy and other challenges, I know how much I’ve benefitted from connecting with like-minded parents and sharing our journeys.  Doing so enables us to help ourselves and those we love, while also learning from and teaching others.  That’s the purpose of this e-newsletter.

Check out the archive for previous issues and helpful info. Comment below about what matters to you and what you’d like to know more about. Share with others who may benefit from what we’re doing here. And feel free to unsubscribe if this just isn’t your thing.

Most of all — welcome back! Happy new year! And thanks for being here.

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Life can be… 

I recently discovered poet, illustrator and author Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram. Her book, All Along You Were Blooming, is filled with inspiring quotes and uplifting messages. As I approach my birthday later this month, her poem below feels especially appropriate. What have you read lately that resonates?


Life can be fulfilling at both 16 and also 60.  25 and 35.  Joy is timeless.  Learning how to make the most of where you are does not have an age cut-off or a deadline.

You will always be able to sit and wonder about things that could have gone differently.  But you can also trust:  you have not missed out on what was meant for you.

I know it’s hard to trust when so much is unknown, so instead of trying to make sense of it all at once, take it all color by color, tree by tree, scent by scent, relationship by relationship.  You don’t have to take it all in at once. Take in the newness of it all one moment at a time without worrying about the moments to come.  Let that be enough.  Breathe deep and let this moment be enough.  Let this be a place where you find peace.

Remember the ground beneath your feet.  You belong here.  No one has taken your place.  You are not far from grace. Your story might be unfolding differently than expected but that doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful.  Where you are meant to be, you will be in time, no matter your age or stage of life.

concrete road in forest
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Friendships matter.

I recently came across an excellent tool for helping people with disabilities build community connections. Developed by experts at the University of Minnesota, this easy-to-use manual offers tips and strategies to connect people with similar interests and create friendships and support systems that are meaningful and long-lasting. It’s written for social service staff, but also offers valuable direction to families, educators and more.



Laboring away.

Today feels like a good time to honor the millions of Americans, including many of you all, who care for family members who have special medical, physical and/or behavioral needs. Although rewarding, family caregiving can also present significant challenges — as this recent study details. Connecticut’s Adult Family Living Program provides support, including financial assistance, for family members or friends who act as both primary in-home caregivers. Although there are some limitations, this resource is an excellent option for families of adults with disabilities. Learn more here and reach out if you need assistance. Finding the right resources can help everyone soar.


Reducing stigma, one article at a time.

Keeping up to date on the things that impact people with disabilities requires time, energy, and commitment. Thankfully, Amanda Morris is here to help. The former New York Times and NPR reporter recently moved to The Washington Post to cover timely topics that impact people with a wide range of challenges. I love her approach to covering these subjects, which matter a great deal to people of all abilities. Follow her here and thank me later. :)

A little ditty.

My son, Andrew, e-mailed this to me last week as a reminder that “It’s all right…doing the best you can.” Music (and our loved ones) teach us so much.

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