What do you wish for?

Parents spend so much time focusing on the needs of our kids that we often neglect our own.

We are frequently overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain -- and for good reason. We spend so much time thinking about our children that we often lose sight of what we want and need, what makes us happy, and what we dream about and imagine for the future.  For parents of kids with special needs, this is even more complicated.

Coaching can help immensely.
Through private coaching, I help you develop a clear understanding of what matters most to you and how to have more of it in your life. Our confidential one-to-one sessions are scheduled by you to accommodate your busy calendar.  We connect via Zoom to discuss what may be limiting you and what changes you can make to become more fulfilled and confident, despite the challenges of parenting and caregiving. This coaching partnership helps you:

  • Understand your values;
  • Expand your mindset and persective;
  • Examine and adjust your habits; and
  • Identify resources, information, and supports to address issues, seize opportunities, plan for your future, and much more.

To put it simply:  coaching helps you work on problems, work on you, and work with others (including me) to achieve your dreams and goals -- at home, work, and within your community.

I love accompanying clients on this journey, facilitating their growth, and empowering them to move in a positive and rewarding direction for themselves and their families.

If this sounds appealing, or even just a little bit scary or exciting, please apply for a free consultation with me to discuss your needs and my approach, fees and services.  At that time, we can also determine if coaching is right for you and if I'm the right coach, too.