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Jun 07, 2024

I recently enjoyed a wonderful weekend respite with three long-time friends, all mothers of young men in their twenties. Our sons’ disabilities vary greatly, as do their personalities. But the challenges we face as parents are very similar, and our friendships with each other have been vital to us over the years.

These beautiful women have been my lifeline, and we rely on each other in really important ways. They’ve seen me at my worst and enjoyed me at my best. I am beyond blessed to have them in my life.

As I drove home from our rendezvous, I couldn’t help but think about the essential role that other parents play in the lives of moms and dads with “complex kids.” There’s just no getting around it. We need each other -- to learn from, to laugh and cry with, and to help us love ourselves.

Today’s newsletter encourages you to find “your people” -- to teach and support and celebrate each other.

Creating and nourishing such friendships helps us make sense of and ultimately embrace “another normal.”

It’s really that simple.

Housing follow-up

Readers have expressed lots of interest in resources to help explore housing options and personal care support as their children age. As a follow-up to last week’s spotlight, I wanted to share these links on what folks are doing in Indiana and Virginia to address this. With long wait lists for services in many states, it’s vital for parents to plan ahead and advocate locally for support. This is especially important for parents approaching retirement.

Use the link below to download a comprehensive ARC resource on innovative housing options for adults with disabilities. Contact your state office now to ensure your child is on the wait list for services where you live. Check out Chapter 6 in my book, along with the extensive bibliography.  All are really good resources.

Requesting your review.

Before I published my new book, Embracing Another Normal, I had no idea how vital Amazon book reviews are to drive the Amazon algorithm and help people find the book through online searches.

Won’t you please submit an online review to help others find our new resource and build their resilience through the stories, strategies, and support it provides?

This is super simple and literally takes less than a minute. Use the link below to share what you liked, and even post a photo if you want. You don't even need to have purchased the book from Amazon to submit a review.  Quick and easy -- I promise!

Review Here

Here are two recent reviews that my co-author, Linda Hoopes, and I really appreciate:

 A must read, for those who thrive to continue to learn how to be the best caregiver, but importantly, not to forget to care about yourself…I cannot wait for the next book! What a great writing team! -- Belle

 As a retired physician I wish this book had been available at the beginning of my career. It is a beautifully written, succinct yet comprehensive study of the challenges and helpful solutions facing families with unexpected disabilities. The fundamental principles are demonstrated thru a series of personalized case studies in a very clear fashion. I think this book would be invaluable obviously for families facing these challenges but also a much wider audience who have known both families or friends living in these situations. -- David, M.D.

 (Note: We also welcome constructive feedback and suggestions anytime. Email [email protected] to share your input and perspective.)

Let’s get “reel.”

April 3rd marks the start of the Reel Abilities Film Festival in New York City  a fabulous collection of long and short films that celebrate disability and promote inclusion. But you don’t have to live in the Big Apple to experience these wonderful movies. Many are now available through streaming or at local festivals near you.

Here’s a list of cities and festival dates across the U.S. Use the link below to enjoy films from home. Then, start popping!

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