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Jun 06, 2024

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lawmakers Bond Over Shared Parenting Experiences

Several members of U.S. Congress are also parents of young people with disabilities.  Despite their political differences, these lawmakers are finding common ground, which is good news for voters who want to see bi-partisan efforts in Washington, DC, rather than a divided U.S. government.  A recent article in the New York Times quotes one Congress person as saying, “You almost feel like you’re family because there’s an understanding, a shared experience…It definitely builds a relationship. And there’s an immediate desire to work together.”  Music to my ears! Let the band play on, please.

Help! Help!

Research from the University of Chicago shows that people can be consistently reluctant to ask for help because they underestimate how happy others are to provide it.  This news struck a nerve with me, as someone who doesn’t like asking for or needing assistance, especially when it comes to raising a young person with disabilities.  Thankfully, according to one of the lead researchers, “The social connection and positive feelings of performing an act of kindness most likely outweigh the inconvenience.” Reassuring indeed, since going it alone is not sustainable for most parents.  My new book, Embracing Another Normal, delves further into this important subject, which matters to parents of all ages.

Podcast Addresses Taboo Talk

So many readers feel awkward or unprepared to discuss sexuality with the young people in our lives.  This episode of the Adjusting the Sails podcast delivers great guidance through the privacy of your own ear buds.  Three expert panelists offer practical advice and tips on everything from body autonomy, sexual health, relationships, consent, safety and more.  Definitely worth a listen.

Autism and College

I’m delighted to share some great new services from a mom, disability advocate, and founder of The Autism College Connection.  Laura McKenna is hosting a series of free webinars for parents and educators.  She knows her stuff, and I’m so happy to share news of her latest endeavor here.  As their website details, these folks are committed to helping you “explore all the new opportunities at American colleges (and alternatives to college) for students with autism and related disabilities.“ Follow them on Facebook and sign up for their free newsletter.  Hard-fought wisdom for sure.

Merrily We Roll Along

Have you started dreaming yet about summer vacation?  Maybe it’s time to research – and maybe Wheel the World can help.  This organization can help you build a customized fully-accessible multi-day trip to exciting destinations around the world.  They can also assist with accessible hotel bookings, activities and much more.  Beach trips, big cities, back-to-nature…they do it all.  Check out some exciting group travel options, too.  Ready to get rolling?

Closing Curtain

I’m so disappointed that the Broadway musical “How to Dance in Ohio” closed this past weekend, after just 99 performances. I didn’t get to see it, but I love so many of the messages it shouts from the rooftops, and I’m delighted with the spotlight it shined on important feelings and experiences that people of all abilities benefit from understanding.

Enjoy the short video below, which provides the back-story behind the show, some wonderful performance clips, and brutally honest interviews with some of the stars. Maybe someone you know with autism will also enjoy it.

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