Roommates, Wandering & Winter

Apr 29, 2024

Throughout the course of my daily life, I find timely articles, podcasts, videos and other news that pertains to people with disabilities. I spotlight a few each week in Another Normal, which I hope resonates with readers like you. Your feedback (even just a few words) provides direction and guidance on what kinds of information I should be sharing. Thank you, and please don’t stop now. Help build community, one comment at a time (hearts, too!).

The challenges we face as families can be sources of growth, strength, identity, and purpose, as long as we choose to use them this way.  

-- Froma Walsh

They call him the “yay-sayer.”

Kirk Williams injured himself in a mountain biking accident and is now a quadriplegic, with limited use of his arms and legs and no movement below his upper chest.  Despite his disabilities, Kirk travels the world and inspires others to follow his lead. Traveling brings him such joy that he’s partnered with the Walkabout Foundation to help bring mobility solutions to people in need around the globe.  He’s also outfitted an amazing accessible van to serve as his “apartment on wheels,” which he documents on Instagram.  Doesn’t this just make you want to get up and go?!  Where to next?

Lights. Camera. Action.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about “Love on the Spectrum,” the Netflix series spotlighting the joys and challenges of dating for people with autism.  Have you seen it? What did you think? And did you know that producers are now looking for folks to participate in their series expansion on ABC-TV?  If you know someone who might be a good fit for the program, here’s info on this casting call.  And speaking of stardom, check out Gucci’s new model.  Inclusion in action, finally! 

Home sweet home.

Throughout the United States, adults with disabilities continue to be challenged by a lack of safe, affordable and desirable housing choices.  I love what ROOF in Florida is doing.  Does this exist elsewhere?  It certainly seems like something that could be replicated.  I learned a lot from one mother in this video.  Perhaps you will, too.

Rumi is another creative approach to creating community for people with disabilities.  This new service, based in Minnesota, pairs people who need extra care with roommates eager to provide it.  “Rumi” is short for “ruminate,” which the client and potential caregiver do over several meetings to learn if they are a good fit for each other.  What do you think?

Old man winter.

With winter fast-approaching, I want to spotlight this “kool” company that makes adaptive apparel for cold-weather wear.  We spent years trying to find and retrofit coats to accommodate our son’s wheelchair, along with mittens and other accessories that would protect him from the cold and still be user-friendly.  Koolway Sports offers excellent customer service and even provides suggested funding sources to help assist with the cost of their products.  Once you’ve got the gear, check out these adaptive ski programs.  Most are designed to accommodate a variety of disabilities.  Learn more here, then bring on the snow!  


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