My Book Launched Today!

May 03, 2024

I am thrilled to share some very exciting news…

My new book is available on Amazon — starting today!

Embracing Another Normal: Resilience Stories & Strategies for Raising Children with Disabilities is a true labor of love, chock-full of honest reflection, insightful guidance, and heartfelt encouragement to help navigate the journey of special needs parenting. I am forever grateful to the many families who shared their stories and wisdom with me. And I am beyond delighted to share them with you.

To celebrate our book launch, we’re offering the Kindle version of Embracing Another Normal completely free through December 6 at midnight PCT. I hope this gift inspires you to visit the link below and to share the book with others who may benefit.

Co-authored by renowned PhD psychologist Dr. Linda Hoopes, who has spent more than thirty years studying resilience, change, and well-being, this book offers a proven framework for helping readers successfully manage times of turbulence and change. It also shares intimate stories from my family and many others and offers an extensive list of resources for further learning and contemplation on important topics like balancing needs, managing education, prioritizing partnership, planning for the future, and more. One reviewer called it a “new best friend” for families of children with disabilities and complex medical conditions. I couldn’t be more honored.

Based on our extensive research and personal experience, Linda and I strongly believe that everyone has the seeds of resilience within them, and that learning to weather life’s storms with grace and skill is important to us all. Embracing Another Normal applies Linda’s “prosilience” framework to six common challenges of raising a child with disabilities identified through my research and conversations with 100+ parents, educators, self-advocates, siblings and thought-leaders. It offers exercises and encouragement that are powerful and actionable. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed to this project.

If you care about raising resilient kids and building resilience yourself, Embracing Another Normal is an important addition to your reading list. Available in both paperback and e-book formats, it also makes a great present — just in time for the holidays.


To read, or not to read…not even a question!

Early reviewers gave Embracing Another Normal an enthusiastic two thumbs up for its honesty and insights. I hope you will, too!

This book is informative, impactful, and inspiring.  I think both new and experienced parents will benefit from reading it and take away lots of good guidance from the stories and strategies provided. I wish I’d had access to such encouragement and reassurance when I was a young mom—but I’m so glad to have it now. Truly grateful, and I’m sure all those who read it will feel the same! 

--Dianne B., Parent

This is the book I wish I had 30 years ago. It reminds me of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but for the special needs community.  Not only does it give you a road map; it also provides support tools and reassurances from other parents’ stories to help readers in the marathon of raising a child with challenges.

--Ellen M., Parent

The amount of practical information in this book is remarkable.  I was drawn in immediately by the personal stories and recognizing that as different as each family is, there are so many more similarities.  Embracing Another Normal is important reading for parents and grandparents, educators, faith leaders, and really anyone who collaborates with families to help create joy filled and better lived lives.

--Susan S., Grandparent

Embracing Another Normal offers readers a new best friend who truly understands what it means to go through life raising a child with special needs.  It offers solace, suggestions, realism and a positive approach while giving a verbal hug and praise for a job well-done. I whole heartedly recommend this book for the spirit, therapeutic possibilities and realistic best approaches to help families and caregivers traverse an unknown life-long path with creativity, hope and resilience.

--Elaine P., Registered Nurse

It’s sometimes said that we lose ourselves in books. Often, we find ourselves there, too.

Please click on the link below to order your copy of Embracing Another Normal (remember, the Kindle version is free through Wednesday, Dec. 6!). I hope you’ll also consider gifting this new resource to others in your world — including your child’s school team, extended family, medical professionals, and more.

Order Now

We wrote the book to help parents learn from each other, and to help individuals who work with families gain a deeper understanding of what “another normal” is like. Please share this post via email and social media to help expand our reach. Thank you so much.

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