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Apr 29, 2024

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"Courage is being scared to death
and saddling up anyway."
 --John Wayne

Dollars and sense.
Raising a young adult with disabilities is complex and expensive. Planning for their financial future can be daunting. We like this presentation by a certified special needs consultant, father and financial planner. Sponsored by ARC and targeted to parents and caregivers of teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A great primer and good perspective on how to pay for life in the years ahead. 

Zoom away.
More at-home learning is being done these days because of Covid-19. Programs that once required young adults with disabilities to participate in person are now offering opportunities online. Some options require residency, but many museumsarts organizations and groups specifically geared to those with disabilities are just a click or two away. And if camp got cancelled this summer, try hosting your own like these folks. We can all use a little common sense, right?

Don't mince words.
Talking about sex can be complicated for young adults with disabilities. Progress has been made, however, to address this sensitive topic in a way that provides meaningful information and instruction to people at a variety of comprehension levels. New books and games are available to help young adults with intellectual disabilities learn about sexual issues. A comprehensive online platform by the makers of Tampax helps young women of all abilities “fear less and know more.” Clear and open communication is the key to increased understanding about sexual subjects by all young men and women, including those with special needs. If this information isn’t being shared well enough in school, start teaching it at home.

Let's get cookin'.
Cooking is an important life skill, but it’s also fun and delicious. Meal delivery services can help simplify the teaching process, especially for young people with disabilities. They provide simple, step-by-step instructions, pre-measured ingredients as well as serving tips and other menu ideas. No more excuses not to make a home-cooked meal. Plus, research shows that eating out too much isn’t good for your health or your wallet. When managed effectively, meal delivery services can be cost-effective and nutritious – both key ingredients to success in the kitchen, at the dining table, and in life.

It's great to celebrate.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. July has been designated Disability Awareness Month, and many virtual events are planned nationwide. Consider adding books and films by and about people with disabilities to your summer reading and viewing plans. Consult with your city/town leaders to commemorate this important occasion publicly, now and throughout the year. Help engender progress in your community and build momentum for future improvements and inclusion.

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