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May 03, 2024

Another Normal seeks to identify new ways to inform, encourage, and empower young adults with disabilities. Today’s issue does just that with curated news on a variety of topics that support your efforts to support your kids. Read, share and enjoy. Happy May! 

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

— Anne Lamott

Financial assistance.

Raising a child with a disability is expensive. But special places like the Cerner Charitable Foundation can help. Funded by the Cerner Corporation (recently acquired by Oracle), the foundation provides individual medical grants to help pay for equipment, travel & lodging, vehicle modification and other healthcare costs. If your child is under the age of 18, learn more here about eligibility and funding procedures.

Rare Patient Voice pays patients and caregivers to share their perspective and experiences via surveys. Here’s more info on how to earn money by participating:

Perhaps extra cash can help someone you care about benefit from recent advances in technology, like the Arcana Strum musical instrument for students with cerebral palsy, this app for those with visual impairments, enhancements for DME equipment and more. This handy resource helps you sort through accessible products. Have fun earning and spending.

Feeling seen and heard.

The term dates back to a 2010 TedX Talk in which the speaker compares siblings of children with disabilities to "glass children" because parents often look right through them.

Who might you be looking through as you work hard to raise your son or daughter with disabilities? How might you carve out more time for this person and cultivate what makes them special? What can you do to include them as you make plans for your family’s future? Your efforts are vital to their health and well-being.

Check out the powerful talk (below) by the sister of a young man with autism who highlights how building community has made her feel seen, heard and understood.

I look forward to exploring this important topic more deeply in a future edition of Another Normal.

We are the champions.

An Americanized version of the award-winning Spanish film, Campeones, premiered in U.S. theaters earlier this spring. It’s also available for purchase on AppleTV. I haven’t made time to see it yet, but am intrigued. Based on a true story and directed by Bobby Farrelly (Dumb & DumberThere’s Something About Mary), the movie stars Woody Harrelson and debuts a number of talented disabled actors. Despite good intentions, “Champions” gets mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. What say you?



Lights, camera, action.

Speaking of movies, here’s a short animated video I learned about recently from an online platform called Amaze, which is committed to helping adults talk openly and honestly with young people about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex and sexuality. This particular video addresses the issue of sexuality and disability and seems like a great tool for any “hard to talk about but important to discuss” toolkit.

Moms matter.

Looking for a gift for Mother’s Day (May 12)? NEST New York has a new candle variety called Midnight Moss & Vetiver. It literally smells like a walk in the woods and was created by a mom to honor her hiking-loving son with autism. NEST is donating 5% of the purchase price to NEXT for AUTISM. Take a closer look and shop online below.

Special NEST Offer

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