Letting Go

May 03, 2024

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how hard it is to let go in life, especially for parents with kids who obviously need someone to hang onto for a little longer. Knowing how to step back when we’re so used to stepping in can be very challenging. I believe it’s one of the hardest things parents face as our children grow into adulthood.


It’s vital for parents and other family members (educators, too) to figure out how to teach and support kids with disabilities by giving them room to try and fail and ultimately learn. This requires us to let go of the control we often have over their lives and decisions. Otherwise, we risk creating young adults who are overly-reliant on others and unable to advocate for themselves.

Is this something you struggle with? If so, try noticing when and why you have trouble letting go. Then find ways to experiment with doing things differently. This often requires us to seek and accept help from others as we work to break old habits and create new ones that better serve our kids and ourselves. 

This week, I’m sharing a short podcast interview in which I discuss this important topic with PhD psychologist and Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Ellen Braaten. In addition to her work with patients and families, Ellen is the sister of an adult man with Down syndrome. I found her perspective and insights quite powerful, and I hope you do too. Listen here.


In order for children to learn how to do hard things, you have to let them go through hard times. There is no way to truly master something without experiencing it.

Sara Bean, M.Ed.

I love this visual depiction of learning to bloom. What a beautiful reminder of all we can do to cultivate growth and flourishing in those we love.

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