May 07, 2024

On this Mother’s Day and always, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and respect to everyone who is a part of this community. I hope you feel extra-special, extra-appreciated, and extra-loved — especially today. Know that you are celebrated for all you do, for all you don’t get done, and for all you strive for in the future.

Learning to bloom is no small undertaking. Here’s to trying, failing, trying again and being there to support each other and our children along the way.



You will teach them to fly,

But they will not fly your flight.

You will teach them to dream,

But they will not dream your dream.

You will teach them to live,

But they will not live your life.

Nevertheless, in every flight

In every life, in every dream,

The print of the way you taught 

Will always remain.

--Mother Theresa

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