Grounded in Gratitude

May 10, 2024

I’m all about gratitude and good news this week — and hopefully well into the new year, too. With everything bad in the world, I think it’s important to focus when we can on positive progress. On the good people and things that are happening all around us. On how we can help and support each other to create more good and gratitude. In doing so, we can experience so many benefits, especially on the most challenging days. And we can teach individuals with disabilities to do the same.

This journey can be long and often exhausting, filled with struggle and frustration at times. But it also brings so much joy and surprise and personal growth — which I hope you experience this Thanksgiving holiday, and well into the new year, too!

Here’s news, support and even a little music to help you feel grateful today. As always, thanks for being here and please leave a comment or reach out anytime as we work together to “learn to bloom.” 

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

—C.K. Chesterton

Unfair Uber.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently filed suit against Uber for non-compliance with the ADA. Uber is specifically charged with discriminating against people with disabilities by charging them “wait fees” if they require more than two minutes to get inside the car. Passengers with mobility issues, visual impairments and other disabilities often need more than 120 seconds to safely walk from their pick-up location, enter the vehicle and maneuver for their ride. Uber drivers need to be trained on how to best assist people with disabilities and comply with A.D.A. overall. Many thanks to the many people who have shined a spotlight on this injustice. Let’s hope the court can do the right thing on this one.

If you have experienced disability discrimination by Uber because you or someone you were traveling with incurred wait time fees, please call the DOJ at 833-591-0425 (toll-free), 202-305-6786, or send an email to [email protected].


Do the right thing.

Could it possibly be that people are finally starting to take the ADA seriously? (After all, it’s been more than 30 years!) I often hear people complain that the ADA is too hard to understand. They can’t figure out what’s required and what’s allowed, and this makes it hard to advocate for what’s right. I promise it’s not that complicated. Especially the part of the law that mandates municipalities create a transition plan to comply with ADA.

Recently, cities in ColoradoIllinois, and elsewhere have announced comprehensive planning sessions to kick-start this important work, inviting participation by residents and experts alike. As someone who struggled for years to get my town leaders to create an ADA transition plan, I could not be more excited about these efforts. Isn’t it about time?

Read more here about what’s required and how you can support change where you live. Everyone deserves the chance to participate in their community. It’s really that simple.


$Home Improvements$

People often ask me how to fund the many home modifications needed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps, accessible bathrooms, computerized monitoring systems, cameras, security alarms and more can be installed in a house to help make it a better “home” for someone with special needs. This work usually allows for greater independence, increased confidence among family members and decreased stress for everyone involved. But it’s often expensive.

If this is something you’ve wondered about, check out this great resource or leave a comment below and someone will reach out to you. Even small changes can make a big difference to the people you love.

“Perfect” holiday gift.

I recently discovered a beautiful book that has something in it for everyone. Perfect is the story of a young boy anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new sibling. It’s also the story of that boy’s journey to understand and love the baby and its disability. According to The School Librarian Journal, “Perfect is a beautifully crafted, complex book which can certainly be appreciated by young children and older readers. Everyone will take something different on each reading; there is plenty here for us all to discover.” Might this be a good discussion-starter for someone you know? Here’s an inspiring message from the author.

“No matter what your path is.

If you believe it, then anything can happen.”

Thank you, Jason Mraz, for this inspiring reminder. And thank you, too, for reading to the end. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday this week filled with love and happiness. Although we rarely get to “have it all,” we can appreciate all that’s good in life and choose gratitude. It’s definitely worth the effort.

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