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May 20, 2024

A couple of days ago, we completed our absentee ballots — and I’m pleased to report that it couldn’t have been easier. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been the case. I can recall countless Tuesdays in November when bad parking, inaccessible voting stations and numerous other obstacles made if really hard for our son and other voters with disabilities to exercise their right to cast a ballot.

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With election day just a week away, I wanted to shine a spotlight on this issue and highlight simple things that can be done to make voting more accessible for adults with disabilities who can and want to take part in our democracy.

I also wanted to share this amazing resource, to help you find accessible voting options where you live:

Accessible Voting Options

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Access for all.

According to a recent study by Easter Seals and AARP, nearly nine-in-ten (89%) adult Americans with disabilities say they are registered to vote. However, another important study reveals that voters with disabilities are nearly twice as likely as non-disabled voters to experience problems when voting. These challenges are as diverse and varied as the disability community itself. We can and must do better:

Did you know that federal laws require voters with disabilities to have equal voting access?

  • People with disabilities must have full and equal access to cast ballots that count.

  • In-person voting sites and polling places must be fully accessible to disabled voters.

  • People who need assistance when voting by reason of disability or limited English proficiency must be able to choose the person who assists them, with few exceptions.

  • The right to vote cannot be conditioned on a voter’s ability to read or write or on a similar test of cognitive capabilities.

  • Each polling place in federal elections must have at least one accessible voting machine that enables voters with disabilities to cast a secret, independent ballot.

Unfortunately, disabled voters’ needs are frequently overlooked by policymakers. But making elections more accessible just isn’t that hard. Here are three easy ways to create positive change starting today:

  • Educate and train poll workers on how to respectfully interact with disabled voters and use accessible election equipment.

  • Situate polling places near public transportation and in ADA-accessible buildings with pickup and drop-off areas that comply with ADA.

  • Designate a chief voting accessibility officer tasked with assisting policymakers as they adopt policies that guarantee equal voting access for all people with disabilities.

What can you do support this important issue where you live?

Making government benefits more accessible and efficient doesn’t usually get the spotlight. But it’s often the difference between a family getting what it needs to survive and falling into hardship and destitution. It’s the glue of our democracy.

Bryce Covert, writer for The New York Times

Government benefits.

Virtually every reader here knows how expensive life with a disability is. While families assume many costs privately, government programs do exist to help reduce the financial burden. Unfortunately, finding them is sometimes half the battle.

Here’s an amazing online resource to help you determine what government supports are available for individuals with disabilities where you live. It’s organized by state and offers phone numbers and websites for additional information. 


The world is in your hands.

Designed to promote the 2024 Paralympics, this wonderful video beautifully illustrates the power of collaboration and teamwork. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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