Free Webinar on Building Community

Apr 29, 2024

People with disabilities often become increasingly isolated and lonely as adults.  As parents, we long to help them build meaningful lives, but we often feel tired and isolated ourselves.  I hear many parents express these concerns, which only grow over time. That’s why I’m pleased to announce my first Another Normal Webinar specifically for parents of young people with disabilities:

Building Relationships, Passions & Potential to Create Community Connection

Monday, December 7th, 7:00 – 8:15PM EST

I’m proud to be partnering on this Zoom webinar with representatives from Starfire, a visionary organization committed to building better lives for people with disabilities.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Starfire works with families in other areas of the country to strengthen community connections for people with developmental disabilities.  

Together, we’ll discuss practical tips and strategies for developing passions, potential and relationships, including:  

  • How do we find the collective strength and energy to grow more connection and belonging specifically for people with developmental disabilities?  

  • How do we marshal the support of friends and neighbors to help decrease isolation, without feeling like we’re imposing? 

  • How do we learn from others to gather direction and ideas for our families?  

  • What does taking this on require of us, and can we spare the required time and energy already so scarce in our lives?  

  • How will the people with disabilities that we care about benefit from this work?

As part of the webinar, we’ll host Zoom break out groups to facilitate learning and discussion.  Hopefully, you’ll finish the evening feeling inspired, empowered and energized to create meaningful change in your own lives and communities.

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