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May 03, 2024

I followed father, long distance runner and parenting inspiration Dick Hoyt for decades.  Our sons share the same diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.  Dick made me think about all that’s possible in life, despite disability, and how we as parents can expand our children’s worlds through life experiences and striving for what may at first seem completely impossible.  I’ve never run farther than the bus stop, but I have often thought of Dick when presented with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  He pushed himself.  He pushed his family.  And he clearly pushed his son.  This edition of Another Normal is dedicated to Dick Hoyt, who died on St. Patrick’s Day at the age of 80 at his home in Massachusetts.  Forever young.  Forever blessed.  Thank you.

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I am not what happened to me.  I am what I choose to become.

--Carl Jung

And now for some good news…

Let’s get this party started.

The White House has named former special education teacher Kimberly Knackstedt as Disability Policy Director.  (You can follow her here on twitter.)  She will now sit on President Biden’s Domestic Policy Council, which drives much of the Administration’s domestic agenda.  Great to see such heightened visibility for the issues and concerns of Americans with disabilities.   What should Kimberley prioritize in 2021?

Bond with Brady.

Football phenom Tom Brady continues his support of Best Buddies with a fundraising drive like no other.  Enter here to win the chance for your son or daughter to spend the day with Tom at his Florida training camp, complete with lunch and one-on-one field time together.  You don’t have to be a Buccaneers fan to appreciate this opportunity.  A win for Best Buddies either way, and a possible once-in-a-lifetime afternoon for someone you love.  Fingers crossed, and let us know if you get lucky!

Calling all self-advocates.

The national advocacy group for disability inclusion, TASH, hosts a weekly coffee club via Zoom for young people with disabilities. It takes place at 3pm on Fridays and draws participants from all over the world. Initially started to combat the isolation of Covid19, this facilitated discussion continues to draw an enthusiastic and engaging crowd. Learn more and register here. Might this be something your son/daughter would enjoy?


Share the love.

Dill Pickle, Chocolate Coated, Cajun Spiced. These are just a few of the jumbo flavored peanut varieties available for online purchase through Bear Food Peanuts.  They even sell peanut brittle and other corporate gifts.  Founded by Mac Brydon and inspired by his brother, Miller, Bear Foods employs individuals with disabilities and hopes other companies will follow their lead.  Check them out below and consider supporting this team of brothers the next time you need a delicious and distinctive gift.  

No means no.

Here’s a great video to watch with young adults with disabilities.  It provides a quick refresher on safe and unsafe touch and is an excellent conversation starter to discuss the topic of consent. Although sometimes awkward and uncomfortable, experts agree it’s important to talk about this subject in order to prevent abuse.  Two thumbs up from our house.

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