Dancing, Discovery & Dishonesty

May 07, 2024

I’m tired. And I bet you are, too. This past year has been exhausting. And thinking about “the new normal” we’re all anticipating makes me even more weary. Many of us are vaccinated, but are we completely comfortable with what lies ahead? Are we concerned about how our loved ones will transition to this next phase of the pandemic? Are we okay with not being okay for just a little while longer?

There’s no right answer here. Experts agree we may remain unsteady for awhile. During this uncertainty, remember to take care of yourself as much as you care for others. Spend time and energy connecting with what makes you happy. Encourage those with disabilities to do the same. And don’t forget to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine (turn it up loud!). Vitamin D is so important. So are you.

As we enter this season of reflection, consider resetting — behavior patterns that don’t serve you, expectations that don’t motivate you, judgments that don’t bring out the best in yourself or those you love. Take a deep breath and focus on what matters. Help each other learn to bloom.

May you never forget that when it was hard, and you were overwhelmed, and felt afraid, and walked alone, and felt invisible, and didn’t have the answers, and couldn’t see the way, and wanted to give up…you kept going.

Nakeia Homer

Caring for caregivers.

As the baby boomer generation ages, the number of unpaid caregivers in the U.S. continues to climb. Already Toast is a new book that illustrates the challenges of this role, which is often thrust upon us without warning. We must improve our healthcare system and social safety net to better support unpaid caregivers. For many of us, the job lasts a lifetime. This recent article details the terrifying feelings that sometimes accompany the job and seeks to describe the complexity of emotions family caregivers may feel and are often too afraid to articulate. If you’re looking to connect with other special needs parents or share your story, consider joining this upcoming “Seasons of Serenity” online discussion series designed to support and encourage us all. Or check out this online community for helpful resources. Even though it offers a special kind of joy, caring for people with disabilities is often expensive and exhausting. Always remember that you are not alone.

The world awaits.

The world is going to open up at some point. When planning your next trip, be sure to check out this new accessibility ranking of popular European cities and this accessibility guide on popular destinations. Prefer Asia? Check out Planet-Abled, which provides accessible travel solutions and leisure excursions in 40+ countries for people with disabilities. The founder’s father is blind and her mother uses a wheelchair. Her first-hand experience with accessibility issues no doubt contributed to the company winning a 2021 Travel & Leisure Global Vision Award. If you’re not yet ready to venture beyond your home, Airbnb just unveiled a number of inclusive explorations for “neurodiverse guests.” Primarily known for short-term rentals, the company now offers virtual fun for people who want to explore new places without planes, trains and automobiles. Where will you go next?

Disturbingly dishonest.

Regardless of when you leave home, keep an eye out for travelers who pretend to have disabilities. It seems that faking a mobility impairment or service dog designation is not hard to do these days for people who want to jump the line at boarding and deplaning or avoid paying to transport a pet. See something? Say something. What have you experienced?

A long look back.

A new documentary, “In a Different Key,” is making its way across the country this spring at various film festivals. Based on a book of the same name, the film tells the story of a mother who seeks to help her young son with autism by tracking down the first person to be diagnosed with the condition. Her journey details issues of disability, race, cruelty and ultimately hope. View it online here.

Born to boogie.

When was the last time you tapped your toes, snapped your fingers, or did a little dance? Perhaps you confine yourself to humming or secretly belting out lyrics while driving alone. Either way, music matters, perhaps now more than ever. I’ve been paying particular attention to this lately and trying to inject more music into my daily life. Proven benefits galore. Last week, I was thrilled to see Sting’s new song about the importance of hiring people with disabilities. And just yesterday my son shared this new release with me, which really needs no explanation. I can’t get enough of it and want to share far and wide. What are you listening to these days?

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