Ask And You Shall Receive

May 08, 2024

This month, we sadly realized our ten-year-old minivan needs replacing. It’s converted to accommodate our son’s power wheelchair. And it’s an expensive part of life with a disability. As I stressed over where to find the best-priced vehicle with no lead time, and contemplated which make and model would best suit our current needs, I remembered I wasn’t alone. I called a couple of friends to ask for suggestions and recommendations, based on their recent purchases. And I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with the help, advice and connections I received. Community is so powerful. And beautiful people everywhere can help us figure things out, gather information and make hard decisions. We just have to ask.

To all the people who help me everyday, thank you. And to those who need help, please reach out (to me or others). Use Another Normal to make connections and gather whatever information you need, now and in the future. Share, comment and leave a 🖤 anytime. Thanks for helping us build community in support of young adults with disabilities. 

When life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface and breathe again.

-- Sheryl Sandberg


Much ado about something.

Senator Chuck Schumer came under fire last week after using the R-word with reporters to describe children with developmental disabilities. The outdated term is generally considered offensive by today’s standards, and disability advocates discourage its usage. Although Schumer apologized for using such hurtful language, the incident spotlighted how and why words matter. I love this info on people first language, which others may find helpful. “Crippled.” “Dumb.” “Lame.” “Special needs.”  People have varying opinions about how to talk about disabilities these days. What words do you use and why?

Inclusive entertainment.

Amazon Studios is working hard to make its shows more inclusive. Last week, the company unveiled a comprehensive new inclusion policy and playbook that strives to include a speaking character with a disability in every new production. Sounds like a powerful step in the right direction.

In related news, actors RJ Mitte and Terrence Howard have teamed up on a new movie called Triumph, based on the life of young man with cerebral palsy. Looks especially good for young adults who struggle with feeling “less than” because of their disabilities. The overall message of “win from within” is good for us all, I think.

What are you watching these days?

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That’s so dope.

Remember those marijuana-themed license plates auctioned off recently in Colorado?  Leveraging the state’s relationship with weed was lucrative, it seems.  The auction apparently yielded close to $50,000 to help improve quality of life and independence for people with disabilities.  Creative fundraising for sure.


To infinity and beyond.

Beeyonder is taking virtual travel to a whole new level.  From the the comfort of your home, you can now travel to faraway places on Zoom – complete with your own personal tourguide who logs in LIVE to escort you on your customized journey.  For the price of “admission,” you can create the trip of your dreams, and interact with your guide in real time for a truly intimate experience.  Group travel is also available, and Beeyonder can work with you to meet special needs and interests.  The website is full of information on how to maximize this virtual travel experience, which may be particularly appealing to young adults with disabilities.  For those interested in actually dusting off their suitcases and traveling “for real,” AirBnB now offers experiences that put accessibility at the forefront.  Explore here for details.  Learn travel tips for people with mobility issues here.

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