Another Normal Newsletter #7

Jun 07, 2024

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about growth and transformation -- learning about ourselves and figuring out how we want to evolve. It's what helps us live life to the fullest and something we often don't make time for, especially when we're busy.


When we do, however, we can turn bad days into good ones and move in new directions that make us happier and more fulfilled. Why then, for most of my life, did I think this was indulgent? I have too much to accomplish each day. People rely on me. No time for navel gazing.


But it's not an either/or.


We can be busy parents, professionals, and caregivers AND still make time to think about what matters to us, what we want out of life, and how to create routines and practices that support our health, well-being, and personal development.


Today's newsletter is filled with info on how to do that, along with resources for some of the everyday challenges we face with and for our kids.


Please connect with me anytime via email for more info or to start a conversation.  And feel free to share this email with others.


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Powerful podcasts.

First, a shameless plug for this podcast featuring an interview with yours truly. Host Gill Moakes and I discuss why I love my work, what we're afraid of, and why embracing another normal is so important. As the mother of an adult son with autism, Gill also shares her wisdom and perspective in my new online course for parents. I could listen to her for hours and learn from her every time.


I also love The Happiness Lab podcast, hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos of Yale University.  A recent episode about cutting down on commitments really got me thinking.

And lastly, The Lazy Genius podcast  was recommended by a busy mom who attended my free webinar last week. Hosted by the mother of two neurotypical kids, it offers humorous perspective and reminders for daily life. I just enjoyed a pep talk episode for the perpetually tired. Maybe you will too.

Negotiate like a pro.

May is often filled with year-end reviews and planning meetings for your child that require you to advocate for their needs and negotiate on their behalf.  Unfortunately, most of us aren't trained for these conversations. which can create added stress and frequent frustration.

A recent article from the Harvard Business Review offers practical tips for negotiating effectively by boosting your capacity for empathy, your ability to find common ground, and your chances of gaining cooperation.

Helpful hints for use with educators, medical professionals, and more -- especially at this time of year. 

Exceptional Lives.

I just love this organization and all of the information and resources they offer for parents and kids. Exceptional Lives is committed to helping families and schools create true partnerships and strong systems to help all children reach their full potential.

Here's great info from them on supporting young adults as they transition to adulthood and also a good resource on understanding government benefits. This is just a sampling of the terrific info provided on their website. I encourage you to explore further.

On the road again.

According to Ameridisability, 41% of Americans with disabilities struggle with transportation issues.  Perhaps that's why I'm often asked for guidance on wheelchair accessible vehicles.  

Although I'm no expert, I know where to go for answers.  After nearly three decades and four minivans to accommodate our son's motorized wheelchair, I'm happy to direct readers to this website for helpful information. Figuring out what you need and can afford is a very personal thing, and being informed about your options is essential. Happy travels.

Alternatives to guardianship.

Last week, Senator Bob Casey (D PA) introduced a bill to educate health care workers, educators, family members, and court workers on alternatives to legal guardianship for adults with disabilities.  Many parents struggle with deciding to retain or seek guardianship for their adult children and often don't have good resources to rely on for help, perspective, and guidance.  I hope the proposed legislation leads to more informed decision making and greater peace of mind for families. Here is more information on this complex issue. 

Interested in learning more about one-to-one coaching? Contact Kris for information on what this might look like for you, including outcomes, availability, fees and more.

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