ADA Turns 30

Apr 29, 2024

Welcome to this week's issue of Another Normal.
Today marks the beginning of a very special week and the start of the #ADA30 Summit 2020: great online sessions about how to build better futures for people with disabilities. Amazing speakers and important topics, including employmentcivic engagementphilanthropyentertainment and more. Hope you can log on to something and get motivated about the future for you and your loved one(s).
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"I am not afraid of storms,
for I am learning how to sail my ship."
 --Louisa May Alcott

The celebration continues.
Disability rights leaders are sharing their stories throughout July, national Disability Pride Month. We like reading about how far the movement has come since the ADA was enacted 30 years ago. And we get inspired by all that still needs to be done to help create a more inclusive United States. Netflix is now streaming some excellent shows on the subject that are entertaining and illuminating. Books by people with disabilities also share their voices, which are vital to the ongoing discussion and upcoming elections. Let's keep the conversation going, long after the 30th anniversary of ADA has passed.

Purposeful planning.
 Hurricane Hanna reminds us that disaster can hit anytime, even during a pandemic. Planning is particularly important for families that include people with disabilities. Why not take advantage of summer “down time” (is there such a thing?) to create your family’s emergency plan? Equally important for students still in school, as well as those who have graduated. Anticipating challenges in advance and planning ahead is vital and can actually help reduce anxiety and fear.

All in a day's work.
With job options even more limited due to Covid-19, we're exploring the concept of customized employment. Unlike traditional vocational job placement processes, this approach helps people with disabilities "carve" out specific responsibilities and work with employers to create mutually-beneficial positions and opportunities that offer the greatest chance of success. Customized employment specialists need certain skills to make the process work for both job seeker and employer, and teamwork is essential. Here's an example of one young man who is thriving through this model. In related news, we love this company's mission of helping family caregivers re-enter the work force. Being purposeful and productive is important for parents, too.

Bricks, mortar and more.
Parents have power. They know their communities, their capabilities and their young adult children. We love learning about those who have collaborated to establish meaningful, affordable housing and support services for adults with disabilities. These intentional communities serve as models to anyone interested in developing such an alternative in their own community. They prove that where there's a will, there's a way. There's definitely a need.

Out of breath.
 Physical activity is important to a long and happy life, regardless of one's abilities. Research shows that exercise is essential for a healthy heart, muscles and mind. It helps prevent anxiety and depression and offers an opportunity for young people with disabilities to learn new skills, socialize, and celebrate their successes. Personal trainers and physical therapists can help develop an appropriate exercise regimen. Special Olympics offers a variety of great options. And amazing programs and products are available to get people out and about and enjoying nature and each other. Time to break a sweat, isn't it?

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