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Bloom where you are planted.

Parents are often overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain -- and for good reason.  We spend so much time focusing on the needs of our kids that we often neglect our own.  For those of us with children who have special needs, this is even more complex.  Coaching can help immensely.

I have a deep, personal understanding of the challenges faced by parents of "typical" children and those with disabilities, and I'm known for my warm and collaborative coaching style.  I tailor each engagement to individual client needs and goals, based on methodology endorsed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF):

  • As your coach, I help you develop a clear understanding of what matters most to you and how to have more of it in your life. 

  • Together, we work to discover what may be limiting your success and what changes you can make in your professional and personal lives to feel more fulfilled and confident, despite the challenges of parenting and caregiving.  

  • I provide a safe, confidential environment based on connection and commitment.

  • I partner with you to examine priorities for yourself and your family.  Knowing these change at different stages in life, I meet you where you are and help you determine where you want to go.

  • Together, we identify resources, information and supports and expand your ability to address issues, seize opportunities, plan for your future and achieve your dreams.

I typically work with clients over several months, with coaching sessions paced about every 2 weeks.   Each 50-60 minute session is designed around your goals and conducted via Zoom or phone on days and times that work best for your schedule. I love learning new ways to help people make meaning of their lives and take positive steps to greater fulfillment, productivity and purpose. My aim is to help you bloom where you are planted so you can help others bloom, too.  

Please reach out for a free consultation to discuss your needs and my approach, fees and availability.  At that time, we can determine if coaching is right for you and if I'm the right coach, too.  

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Kris has a unique way of providing insightful awareness on really challenging issues. Her thoughtful approach revealed a new perspective and guided me towards a decision that aligned with my values. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Christine, Parent in Virginia

I recommend Kris to other leaders who have insurmountable challenges balancing home and work.  She is able to see people as they are and who they want to become.  It has been a pleasure and honor to work with her.

Lori, Parent in Wisconsin

Kris is confident yet humble, considerate but not coddling, strong but incredibly empathetic.  She leads and guides by example, much more interested in helping you find your voice than hearing her own.

Lisa, Parent in Connecticut 

Kris is an incredible coach. I learned more in a few hours with her about finding my joy again as a father, husband and professional than I have in the last 15 years. Kris created space to make me feel heard and seen, discover together what my answer was, and gently held me accountable to my own commitments. Truly grateful.

Noel, Parent in Arizona

Kris has the knowledge, skills and motivation of an excellent coach.  Her personal methodology, feedback and evaluation enabled us to connect, have honest discussions, share challenges and drive success.

Alexandra, Parent in New Jersey

Kris is a great coach because you can tell she cares.  She is really rooting for you and you know she'll tell you the hard stuff.  The stuff that we know is true, but we don't want to acknowledge.  I found her coaching enlightening and incredibly useful.

Danielle, Parent in Los Angeles

I love Kris' e-newsletter, Another Normal.  It has a great pace, the perfect blend of informational writing and video and consistent entry touches on important areas of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. It's truly the most informative site I’ve read in 21 years. No exaggeration.

Kathleen, Parent in Ohio 

Kris was instrumental in researching, creating and leading the Fairfield Committee for People with Disabilities from its inception. Her clarity of purpose, as well as her own experiences, helped guide us to begin to address the needs and make available resources for our community. Her vision, and thoughtful, strategic approach, will serve us well into the future.

Julie DeMarco, Director of Human & Social Services, Town of Fairfield (CT)

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